Sue, the silk painter

Sue Fraser hand-paints her original designs on silk scarves, in Broome, in Western Australia.  Each scarf is unique.  Her designs are inspired by the landscape of the remote Kimberley region and the people she gets to know in her travels.

Sue delights in the process of working with silk and sharing the rich colours, luminous sheen and soft sensual texture of her scarves.  The strong and vibrant colours of the Kimberley landscape can be seen in her scarves.  Sue finds that the intense Kimberley light encourages the use of strong colours.  She likes to use colours she sees in the cliffs, water and bush.

Sue has thought a lot about the meaning of colours in different cultures and to herself.  Her long association with the Chinese Community in Broome has particularly influenced her work.  Sue's recent work reflects her changing awareness of colour.

A recent sample of Sue's work is "Rivers of Red".  To Sue, the rivers she painted reflect the challenge of survival, the strength of passion that people feel in their determination to protect the Kimberley and the blessing of good luck that the colour red conveys in Chinese culture.

"Pathways to Peace" is about paths that must be traveled in life.  It also reflections much of the colours of the Kimberley landscape: the rocks, water, earth and sea.

Sue's "Tree Frog Tadpoles" is a celebration of the explosion of life which comes with the rains in the wet season when Green Tree Frogs lay their eggs and the tiny tadpoles grow inside them until they are ready for the next stage.  It is also abundant potential developing below the surface of a pond.